by on Jan 12, 2021

Capcom confirms personal data breach has hit potentially 40,000 more people than originally thought

Capcom has provided a new update on the personal data breach it suffered as part of a ransomware hack late last year, with its ongoing investigation revealing the breach may have effected far more people than it previously thought with an additional 40,000 more customers potentially affected.

The latest update, which was spotted by Video Games Chronicle, states that while the company originally thought only 9 people were confirmed to have had data stolen in the ransomware hack last year, subsequent investigations have revealed and verified that the data of another 16.406 people had indeed definitely been compromised, bringing the total to 16,415.  Of those confirmed cases, 3,248 are said to be "at least one" of names, address,and contact details for business partners, 9,164 of former employees of the company and 3,994 of current employees and related parties.

Meanwhile the number of potential customers affected by the breach is now up to 390,000 according to Capcom's investigation — some 40,000 more items than the company originally reported back in November.  The good news, for what it is, is that Capcom now "currently does not see evidence for the possibility of data compromise for the approximate 18,000 items of personal information from North America (Capcom Store member information and esports operations website members)" so it has removed these figures from those numbers.

Capcom's investigations are still ongoing from the attack, which evidence was first found of in November of 2020, and the company has offered its "deepest apologies for any complications or concerns caused by this incident" and has said it "will endeavour to further strengthen its management structure while pursing legal options regarding criminal acts such as unauthorized access of its networks."

Those effected by the breach are encouraged to contact Capcom's Customer Support networks in their region, with a phone number in Japan, the Capcom Support email address for Europe and the company's Customer Support webpage in the US.


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