Capcom has announced that a live-action Ace Attorney film will be released in Japanese cinemas next spring, confirming hints previously dropped by director Taskashi Miike.

Phoenix Wright will be played by Hiroki Narimiya - an actor you may recognise if you played Yakuza 4, as he provided the voice and likeness of Masayoshi Tanimura.

Wright's main rival, prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, will be portrayed by Takumi Saito, who can currently be seen in Miike's Thirteen Assassins. Mirei Kiritani will appear as Wright's spirit medium assistant, Maya Fey.

Narimiya is known in Japan for his distinctive haircut. In theory this could make him an appropriate choice to play the spiky-headed lawyer, but the image in Capcom's announcement suggests that he hasn't been robbed of his famous fringe.

As a fan of both Miike and Wright alike, I'm delighted that this has been confirmed, even though the odds are slim that the film will ever make its way over here.

No plot details have been confirmed yet, but there's a thread here with pics supposedly taken from the set. If they're genuine - and they certainly look real - there's a strong suggestion that the film may be based on the excellent Turnabout Goodbyes, the last case in the first game.