Activision is looking into ways they can beef up a Call of Duty: Elite premium subscription, and is listening to fans who are clamouring for more exclusive content.

Speaking to, Activision's vice president of digital Jamie Berger said "I think the good news is there is actually a lot of exciting new ideas that we have about content beyond traditional map packs that I think our players are asking for. I think we have a lot of good news there."

More than just map packs, Jamie? "We've heard loud and clear that players, especially the guys who really engage, are looking for more diversity, more breadth, different ideas and we want to bring those to them."

What about additional Spec Ops levels for Elite subscribers? "I can't tell you more, but I can just tell you that we've heard loud and clear that they want us to go beyond the traditional map pack."

What else could we be looking at - exclusive in-game skins? "We're going to show all the details about how the content is going to be distributed later in the year," said Berger. saw Modern Warfare 3 in action last week and has detailed the Manhattan level and the London underground tube chase.