by on Jul 11, 2006

Call of Duty 3 confirmed as PS3 launch title

Hot on the heels of this morning’s Call of Duty 3 first look, we’re pleased to confirm that Call of Duty 3 has now been confirmed as a PS3 launch title, cementing the game’s release date for November 17 2006.

Amongst a sea of not so impressive titles already announced for launch or just after by Sony, CoD3 is set to be the deal-breaker for most, with its jaw-dropping visuals and all-conquering immersion. Compare this to some of the more lacklustre attempts, such as Warhawk, F1, and the pretty, but flawed Heavenly Sword and you begin to see just how important this title is for the PlayStation 3.

While it’s sure to sell a considerable numbers on launch of the PS3, it’s certain to sell more on the Xbox 360 – with an installed base of almost five million approaching fast, leading on this platform is a certainty.

To delight your taste for carnage and all things war, we’ve gathered our thoughts together for a first look on the Xbox 360 version today, although we’re told that there should be nothing between that and the PS3 version in terms of graphics or indeed gameplay.

Take a gander at the first look, and be sure to let your thoughts be known in the forum. We’ll keep you updated as the months tick away to launch.


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Call of Duty 3

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