After successfully launching the Buzz franchise with The Music Quiz and following that with The Sports Quiz, Buzz is back and is now testing out your general knowledge in Buzz!: The Mega Quiz.

The game will now support up to eight players all competing for the same prize, to be crowned the winner of The Mega Quiz. Simply plug in another set of four Buzz controllers and you're ready to go. New contestants include a masked Mexican wrestler, a little old grandmother and the mighty superhero, Quiz Man.

The game features 5000 questions for contestants to answer, so there looks to be plenty of replay value before repeat questions begin to take away from the challenge. The Mega Quiz will also include more than 100 celebrity photos, video clips from movie premieres, sports events, TV and nature, and more than 50 pop videos from the world of superstars.

The quiz will also include Buzz's Mystery Games, special rounds in which Buzz takes centre stage and challenges contestants to take him on.

With a wealth of new questions, support for up to eight players and some brand-new round types Buzz!: The Mega Quiz should provide plenty of party entertainment when it's released for PlayStation 2 in the spring.