Criterion has considered developing a Road Rash game "many times", according to creative director Alex Ward, who says he always imagined his team's take on the bike IP as being a "ridiculous" Burnout vs. Road Rash mash-up.

"Have thought about that one many times," Ward tweeted when asked by a fan whether Criterion could make a next-gen Road Rash title.

"For me it was always going to Burnout VERSUS Road Rash, as ridiculous as that might sound."

Sounds awesome, doesn't it? So what stopped Criterion from making it?

"Why? Because cars can TakeDown bikes, but bikes struggle a tad to TakeDown a car...?" Ward continued.

"Never say never though #weareNOTmakingthisNOW".

Criterion has previously experimented with a similar idea, of course. The team introduced bikes to Burnout Paradise via a post-release update.

Ward is currently working with Ghost Games on an unannounced Need For Speed title.

But after spending 13 years largely working on racing titles, Ward suggests that it could be time for Criterion to try something new.

"Whilst we love Burnout, we have spent the past 13 years doing this stuff," he added.

"Maybe it is time to give driving games a break. JRPG Tactics here we come..."

Ward's comments come at a similar time to those of Road Rash co-creator Dan Geisler, who suggested yesterday that he could take to Kickstarter to revitalise the IP.

Source: Twitter