Sony put the kibosh on Destiny 2 developer Bungie’s plans to implement cross-platform character transfer for the shared-world shooter, according to comments made by Kotaku’s Jason Schreier.

Schreier claimed on the Splitscreen podcast (via Eurogamer) that Bungie wanted to offer the feature prior to the release of Forsaken last September, something which Sony wasn’t too keen on.

'I heard that Bungie wanted to do character transfers for PS4, PC - before Forsaken came out - but Sony wouldn't allow it,' he commented. 'Sony is just like, we want people to associate Destiny with PS4, even if that means screwing over other players.'

‘It sucks and hopefully Bungie ends it.’

Bungie announced back in January that it had cut ties with Activision, giving the former Halo developer full control over the Destiny franchise. Rumours are heating up that the studio will launch Destiny 3 in 2020, although nothing official has been confirmed as this point.

Destiny 2 launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in September 2017, and arrived on PC the following month.

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