Bungie: Halo movie will happen

Bungie: Halo movie will happen
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At one point not too long ago a Halo movie was actually happening, but somewhere along the line the project stalled and the attached talent – District 9 director Neil Blomkamp and Peter Jackson – moved on to other projects.

However, despite this setback, Bungie community and PR director Brian Jarrard believes a movie will be made, it’s just a matter of when.

“Are there more stories to be told in the Halo universe? Absolutely. Do I think Reach will be the biggest game ever and probably attract an even larger audience to the fan community? Yes, I actually do. I would think that the marketplace for a movie would be more ripe post Reach than it even was after Halo 3, so I’m willing to bet that it’s not a matter of if, just when,” he told IndustryGamers.

He added: “I’m just speculating here since it’s Microsoft’s decision, but looking at how Halo Legends went and the release of that animated feature, definitely there’s demand for it, and I do applaud them for not rushing into it and waiting until they find the right people and the right creative ideas and the right time frame.”

Jarrard concluded by stating that it’s not just the fans that want to see a Halo movie, everyone at Bungie does too.

“All of us at Bungie would love to see the right movie still get made with the right people; we’re just going to have to wait and see, just like all of our fans!”

Halo: Reach is scheduled for release this autumn, with the multiplayer beta to begin May 3, 2010.