Developer Angry Mob Games has revealed in a new trailer that its early access party fighting game, Brawlout is coming to the Nintendo Switch later in 2017. As part of the game’s announcement on Switch, the developer also revealed that the Hyper Light Drifter would be coming to the game as a playable character. Smashing, eh?

The Smash Bros-alike has previously been announced for the PS4 and Xbox One, and it’s sure come a long way since its reveal at EVO in 2016. Following the announcement of the Hyper Light Drifter protagonist, who has a Marth-like fighting style, will be two more characters. Their announcements will come in the run up to Brawlout's full release.

Brawlout is a 4-player multiplayer party fighting game, where players fight against each other in a number of environments while navigating tiered platforms. Each character has a unique fighting style that will require a different strategic approach, whether fighting against or playing as. The purpose of each battle is to increase an opponent's damage percentage, before eventually throwing your opponents off the stage. The game gets rid of the blocking and grappling mechanics found in other fighting games, focusing on combos and building up a rage meter to power special attacks. Sound familiar?

Brawlout is due to release later in 2017 for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.