Gearbox has released a new patch for Borderlands 3 that sorts out the KillaVolt boss battle by scaling back the difficulty, as well as including overall fixes and improvements (via Xbox Achievements).

KillaVolt's Shield Storm attack used to electrify the entire floor of the level, so players could not avoid taking damage from the attack. That wasn’t intentional, and now the patch will have addressed that error. Also, Gearbox has fixed the Porcelain Pipe Bomb grenade because it was not meant to trigger multiple explosions upon collisions. The patch notes said, ‘This grenade was never meant to explode multiple times. All enemies in the Borderlands universe are now safe from being instantly melted by radioactive poop.’

Multiplayer problems like missing sounds and split-screen glitches have been sorted, and Iron Bear button prompts will now correctly update if bindings are customised. Subtitles will be applied during cutscenes and during gameplay, and social notifications will clear from the screen properly now. 

Borderlands 3 outsold Gears 5 by more than four times in UK retail charts, and is 2K Games’ fastest-selling game in its history, and is its highest-selling title for PC. Despite all this success, players were plagued with technical hiccups.  Major performance issues on every platform were reported, as well as crashes and corrupted saves, intense menu lag, disappearing quest markers, and so on. 

Gearbox stated that this patch is the first step towards fixing the problems permanently. ‘It’s far from exhaustive, but we wanted to address issues and concerns with changes that were ready and tested out as soon as possible while the team continues active investigation and work on additional performance improvements for upcoming patches,’ it explained. If players are experiencing problems that are not detailed in the patch notes, the developer encourages them to get in contact through a support ticket

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