by on Jul 25, 2019

Borderlands 3 drops Promethea planet profile

The Borderlands Twitter account  has given us a snapshot of Promethea, one of the multitudes of interplanetary destinations offered to players in the upcoming Borderlands 3.

The third game possesses a totally new feature in the series, in that home base Sanctuary is now a spaceship and so the story will take us beyond Pandora for the first time. The trailer posted yesterday is a quick run-down of Promethea, home to the Atlas corporation. All was well before its rival Maliwan attacked the city-planet; the slick futuristic architecture is the backdrop to a viciously sophisticated war between two highly-advanced weapons manufacturers.

You can see more of Promethea here in our preview of Borderlands 3, where we got to play a mission set on the planet.



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Borderlands 3

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31 December 2019