Borderlands 2's Mechromancer DLC appears to be resetting certain players' Badass Rank and removing their Gold Keys, according to complaints from those affected.

Multiple users reported problems on Twitter after downloading the title update accompanying the DLC's release earlier today. The glitch also allegedly removes players' customisation options.

"On borderlands 2 all my badass rank and tokens got reset, and my skin and heads for my assassin," one user tweeted. "What's going on?"

Another wrote: "Ok damage from todays #Borderlands2 Xbox update. Badass Rank has been reset, Gold Key total reset to just 1 from 5".

Many other users have reported similar issues. It's not known how widespread the problem is, or whether the glitch is limited to certain platforms.

This isn't the first time users have been hit by a Badass Rank reset glitch. Two weeks ago it was discovered that certain players' Badass Rank was being reset at random.

At the time, Gearbox said that it was working on a fix.

"Gearbox, seriously, what the [****]?! Patch this. NOW!" wrote a user on the game's official forums.

"This has been going on for some people for quite some time. Either fix it, or give people that can prove a reset their ******* points back." has contacted publisher 2K Games for comment.


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