Boom Blox, the upcoming casual game from EA and movie director Steven Spielberg, has the best physics of any game across any console, according to its senior producer.

Speaking to in an interview at EA's Casual gaming brand event in London yesterday, Amir Rahimi, senior producer on Boom Blox, added that once the Wii version of the game is finished "there's definitely the possibility of going to other consoles".

Boom Blox, due out in Europe on May 9 for the Nintendo Wii, is described as a "high energy" game for kids and the entire family, featuring more than 300 levels and a cast of more than 30 wacky characters. The game will also include an easy to use in-game editor to enable players to express their creativity.

When asked if Boom Blox had the best physics on the Wii, Rahimi replied: "I certainly have not seen any game out on the Wii that uses... you know what? I might even be so bold as to say I haven't really seen another game that uses physics as well and as much as Boom Blox."

Across all platforms? "Yeah! We spend the majority of our CPU cycles solving physics. The game, the entire experience is based on realistic physics."

Rahimi also confirmed that Boom Blox may well appear on other platforms following its release on the Wii, saying: "Once it's over the sky's the limit. There's definitely the possibility of going to other consoles."

Boom Blox is due out for Nintendo Wii on May 9.