Ignition Entertainment, in conjunction with AQ Interactive, has announced the March 2009 European and North American release of Blue Dragon Plus for Nintendo DS.

Having made its video game debut on Xbox 360, the Blue Dragon franchise returns to the video game scene in a new adventure for Nintendo DS. Based on the popular animated television series, Blue Dragon centres on a young boy named Shu and several of his friends who possess the ability to control phantom shadows that mirror the actions of their masters.

In Blue Dragon Plus, one year has passed since Shu and his friends defeated the tyrannical remnant of the Ancients, Nene. In the midst of the battle, the world split in two and now consists of a myriad of "cubes" that exploded from its depths. King Jibral notices a mysterious cube in the distance suddenly start to move violently, and from it he sees the Shadow of a Balaur, a three-headed dragon, emerge. The enormous and sinister Shadow is just the beginning of the devastation to come.

The single-player campaign promises over 30 hours of game play and over an hour of high quality dual screen FMVs.