It's official, there will be a BloodRayne sequel (jumps for joy). Once again, Uwe Boll will be helming the project, but Kristanna Loken won't be reprising her role because she happens to be booked for the whole year with the Sci-Fi Channel - what happened to the old, 'I'm washing my hair' excuse? Instead fans of the series will have Natassia Malthe from the recent Dead or Alive movie to stare at.

"The sequel takes place 100 years after the first film and is set in the Wild West," Boll told DreadCentral. "Rayne comes to America, deals with the Brimstone society, and ends up fighting Billy the Kid, who has been turned into a vampire."

Fans of Boll's work will also be pleased that a sequel to the equally abysmal Alone in the Dark is going ahead. This, however, won't be directed by Boll. Both movies will have a budget of $10 million and will be released direct to video/DVD.