Blizzard has outlined its plans for gamescom 2011, but the publisher is staying quiet about whether or not we'll be seeing Diablo III.

Writing on the blog, Blizzard instead revealed plans for StarCraft II eSports showmatches, live World of Warcraft guild raids, and the company's traditional dance and costume competitions.

Shouldn't the Diablo III beta be up and running by then, though? Activision said the Diablo III beta was set for summer 2011 in its Q1 earnings call.

In the meantime, however, you can cross your fingers and read over's Diablo III preview.

Gamescom takes place August 17 to 21 in Cologne. Blizzard's booth can be found in Halle 6.

[video]7561[/video] has already booked its tickets for gamescom 2011, so be sure to check the site for Blizzard news if you don't fancy making the trip to Germany yourself.