Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's Revolution Map Pack will be released for PS3 and PC on February 28, Activision has announced.

The new content is available for $14.99 or is included as part of the Black Ops 2 Season Pass.

Multiplayer Maps

  • Hydro: Located in Pakistan, this hydro-electric plant comes complete with a lethal spillway that floods with very little warning.
  • Grind: Set in a skate park in Venice Beach (the birthplace of skateboarding!), quarter-pipes and curved surfaces drive players away from easy cover and into intense firefights.
  • Downhill: A ski resort in the French Alps, this snowy map is complete with a moving gondola system that can both offer cover and crush you to death.
  • Mirage: Located in China's Gobi Desert, this luxury resort has been ravaged by a sandstorm.

The DLC also includes the first new Zombies map, Die Rise, which puts players inside the crumbling skyscrapers of a Chinese city. There's also the new Zombies mode, Turned, which gives players the chance to play as the undead.


Source: Press release