by on Aug 20, 2020

Black Myth: Wu Kong is an awe-inspiring RPG inspired by a medieval Chinese novel

From developer Game Science, Black Myth: Wu Kong is an upcoming action-adventure RPG, and it’s simply stunning. 

It’s been incubating for nearly two years at the studio, and its previous titles have been for mobile and PC, so Black Myth: Wu Kong is a very different kettle of fish. It’s a single-player title inspired by Journey To The West, a classic Chinese novel published in the 16th century. This novel draws from Chinese folk religion and mythology, Confucianist, Taoist and Buddhist philosophy, and the game will follow Sun Wukong or Monkey King. 72 abilities will be present in Black Myth: Wu Kong, just like the 72 methods of transformation that the character learns over the course of his story in the book.

The thirteen-minute demo is footage from a pre-alpha build, and it looks gorgeous. The environments are moody and beautiful, and the character designs are exciting and unique. I especially liked it when Sun Wukong spun his staff to deflect those arrows. It’s a bit like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, mixed with Nioh, with a dash of the physicality of God of War

Black Myth: Wu Kong is in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One



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