Black Mesa Source, the highly-anticipated Half-Life remake, is available to download now.

The free mod, which has been in development for over eight years, is available to download via the official Black Mesa website - provided the servers haven't melted by the time you read this, of course.

Failing that, you can try and download the game from ShackNews or grab the torrent.

Black Mesa Source is a completely reworked version of the original Half-Life, remade in Valve's Source engine by 40 volunteer developers. The game offers updated graphics and redesigned levels.

Be aware that you'll only be able to play up to the Lambda Core section of the game, though. The rest isn't quite ready. Oh, and you'll also need a Source Engine game installed on your computer.

Still, with new releases being a little light on the ground this week, at least it's something to keep you entertained over the weekend.

Think they've done a good job? Let us know what you think of the fan-made remake in the comments below.