BioWare has stepped up to aid those Black Ops 2 PC gamers who were left rather short changed by a manufacturing mix-up that resulted in the second disc of the game being replaced with a copy of Mass Effect 2.

"Rumour has it that about a thousand customers who purchased Call of Duty: Black Ops II for PC today were also treated to a surprise copy of Mass Effect 2," explained the BioWare blog post. "If you were one of the affected, chances are you thought it was a mistake, but we prefer to think that it was an omen, and when the universe talks, you should listen."

The studio has offered those who received the Mass Effect 2 game disc a copy of the entire trilogy. All you have to do is send photographic proof (you must be in the picture, and disc 2 of your Call of Duty: Black Ops II must be visible) to [email protected] The first 50 people to email in will receive the trilogy.