The latest issue of Xbox 360: The Official Xbox Magazine has revealed Bethesda's Unreal Engine 3 powered counter-terrorist shooter, Rogue Warrior. The game is in development in partnership with Zombie Studios and will feature support for four-player online co-op and up to 24 players online.

The game is very much in the same territory as Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and looks likely to appeal to the same audience. One of the unique things about Rogue Warrior is something called multiplayer tiling, a system which allows players to create multiplayer maps using a multitude of level sections. Each map is comprised of three sections, one team picks a section, the other team picks a section, and then a random process selects the centre section. This process apparently means that more than 200 combinations are possible.

Uniquely for an FPS, teams will not know what the entire level looks like until they enter the game.

A release date is still a way off, but the game is pencilled in for 2007.