THQ has announced the summer 2008 release of Big Beach Sports, a new sports game collection in development exclusively for Wii.

The game sees players enter a seaside resort where up to four players will be able to compete in a range of beach-based sports including volleyball, football, American football, bocce, disc golf and cricket. Each sport should be pretty simple to get into, with real-life sports motions translating to in-game actions.

"The innovative Wii Remote controller has revolutionized sports gaming, letting us involve the player like never before," said Steve Dauterman, senior vice president of product development, THQ. "Big Beach Sports applies the control scheme to each of the varied sports featured, letting players pick up and play the games they know and learn the ones they don't know."

Big Beach Sports looks to have a good selection of sports and with the Wii still waiting for the next Wii Sports could this be it?