Bayonetta is out on PC, literally right now

Bayonetta is out on PC, literally right now
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SEGA has just announced that Bayonetta, everyone’s favourite PlatinumGames title until Nier Automata came out, is now available on Steam. An announcement like this has been speculated about since a countdown timer appeared on SEGA’s site last week. 

The PC version can run at 60FPS (30 for cutscenes), and has resolutions unlocked up to 4K ultra HD. If you shell out for Bayonetta before April 25 you’ll get the Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes a soundtrack sampler and a digital art book (plus other digital carry on like wallpapers and avatars). 

Bayonetta was well received on its original release in 2010, scoring a 9 from VideoGamer. Bayonetta is, for the uninitiated, a shape-shifting witch with guns in her high heels and an outfit made of her own hair. It’s really good.

There’s a new launch trailer for the PC version:

There’s also a developer diary, giving insight into the inspirations behind, and development process of, Bayonetta, and interviews with the original team.