Malicious, a third-person action title for PSN, will be released on the European PlayStation Store tomorrow, Sony has announced.

In the game you are a "Spirit Vessel" called into the world by the Prophets to vanquish evil. Armed with the Mantle of Cinders, a cloak that can absorb power from destroyed objects as well as shift form, you wage battle with the Malicious.

The action has been designed to get straight to the point, offering an experience that promises to be enjoyable in bursts without having to dedicate hours. There is no lengthy dungeon crawling, only action full of boss battles.

You'll be thrust into a Battle Royale as soon as the game begins, with a new power absorbed each time a boss is defeated.

The oil painting visuals look a little bit tasty too.

Malicious will be released on the PlayStation Store on February 8 for £6.49. PlayStation Plus members get a 20 per cent discount during the launch week.

The game's also on its way to PS Vita complete with new elements.