by on Feb 15, 2019

Bayonetta 2’s Yusuke Hashimoto has left Platinum Games

Yusuke Hashimoto, the director behind Bayonetta 2, has announced that he has departed developer Platinum Games after more than a decade with the company.

Writing in a statement on Twitter, Hashimoto-san, who has been with Platinum since its inception in 2007, confirmed that he left the studio on January 31, having worked on a number of projects there including both Bayonetta games and Star Fox Zero.

'Let me take this opportunity to share my thanks with anyone who has worked with me, supported me, or played my games. I hope to take the experiences I gained at Platinum and use them on whatever I work on in the future. Thank you again,' he said.

What isn't known at this point is if Hashimoto was involved in directing Bayonetta 3, as the project never had any director attached to it. Prior to Platinum, he cut his teeth on a number of games at Capcom, including Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.


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