DICE has rolled out the first major update for Battlefield V following a brief delay, with Overture adding a ton of new content and fixes into the mix for the World War II shooter.

The biggest additions come in the shape of the new War Stories mission, The Last Tiger, which focuses on a German tank crew during the final stages of the conflict. There's also a new map in the shape of the Panzerstorm, which is focussed on vehicles.

Other new additions include the Practice Range and new vehicle skin customisation options. 

Vehicles have also seen a number of changes, including the German's Ju-87 Stuka, which has had its damage model tweaked to bring it closer to bombers. The Ju-88 'A' model now carries fewer light bombs than before.

Meanwhile, throwing knives have had their damage range and capacity reduced to 6.5m and two, respectively. Additional spawn points have also been added to all maps on Conquest, Domination, and Breakthrough.

The full patch notes are about 15 pages long, and can be read here if you really fancy it.

Battlefield V was released on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on November 20, and you can read VideoGamer's verdict here.

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