EA has announced that Battlefield V's long awaited battle royale mode Firestorm will finally be launching on March 25 by way of a bombastic new trailer.

The trailer, which we've embedded below gives a good impression of what to expect although no actual gameplay is shown. Still, it'll feature 64 players duking it out in Squads or Solo with Battlefield's signature building destruction and vehicluar mayhem in an ever decreasing play space.  But there's also some interesting tweaks to the tried and tested battle royale formula in Firestorm.

Squads will be able to try and take over objectives, doing so will net them powerful loot such as the ability to call in a V1 rocket or a panzer tank. EA also promise the mode will continue to grow after launch, with a Duos mode already expected for April.

Battlefield V has been available since November for PC, Xbox One and PS4, so it's been a long wait. Will this tempt you back?


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