IGN reports that EA's free to play, browser-based third-person action title, Battlefield Heroes, now has 1.5 million players.

133 different countries are represented in this user base, but 75 per cent come from just ten countries: the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Russia, Canada, Poland and Brazil.

While free to play, EA can generate revenue through micro-transactions, something it appears players are more than willing to accept. On average, each player has spent $20, equating to approximately micro-transaction revenue of $30 million.

Players have mostly been spending their money on visual vanity items, with these clothing items accounting for 76 per cent of the total player spend. The top five items are the Kommendant's Coat, the Special Forces Officer Cap, Maverik's Sunglasses, the Elite Camo Trousers and the Marksman's Honor.

Around 19 per cent of player spend is on advancement widgets, such as the 30-day XP boost, the 1-day XP boost and the 30-day VP boost. The remaining money has been used to purchase new emotes, with it being no surprise to see Flex and Robot Dance coming out on top.

You can sign up and play Battlefield Heroes on its official website.