UPDATE: Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth will release to Premium members next Tuesday, July 15, EA has confirmed. The DLC will be available to non-Premium members two weeks later on July 29.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth looks set to release on Tuesday, July 15 after an alleged tweet from Origin accidentally jumped the gun on an official announcement. Whoops.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before MP1st managed to capture a screen grab.

"Save 20% on #BF4 Premium right now, then jump into #DragonsTeeth early on July 15th," read the tweet. It was later replaced with a similar tweet with the date removed.

The July 15 date means that Premium users will likely be able to get started on the latest expansion pack in just over 10 days time, with the pack due to release to non-Premium users two weeks later.

Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth introduces 4 new multiplayer maps set in "dense Asian Pacific cities", five new weapons, the Ballistic shield and a new game mode Chain Link, that sees players "linking together capture points to win the battle".

The fifth and final expansion pack - Final Stand - is due out later this year, but it looks as if it may miss its original summer window.

Source: mp1st.com