A massive PlayStation 3 game update for Battlefield 3 has rolled out today, promising a more stable, fairer, and more balanced experience. Just start your game to get prompted for the 1GB update.

The update also brings with it the ability to rent dedicated servers on your console.

"Want to enable friendly fire? Done. Want to only allow spawning on your squad leader? Make it happen. Like health regeneration, but not 3D spotting? You get the idea. Your server, your rules," explained Ian Tornay, Battlefield 3 community manager at EA Games. "And if you want to keep things exclusive put a 'bouncer' out front; give your friends VIP status so they can cut to the front of the queue when joining, or keep unwanted players out by banning them."

You'll be able to rent servers for periods of one day (€1.49), seven days (€6.99), 30 days (€24.99), or 90 days (€59.99).

In order to ensure a stable experience for everyone, EA and DICE will be ramping up capacity as the week progresses. If you can't rent a server today, check back over the course of the week.

And server rentals isn't the only new feature introduced by the latest update. Back to Karkand owners are also getting a new Conquest Assault variant. This new mode offers a more tactical experience including a mobile anti-air spawn at the Beach base.

Shortcut items are also new, making it possible to part with cash to unlock items which would otherwise be off limits.

The update rolls out on Xbox 360 soon.