Battlefield 3 Premium subscribers will be able to enjoy double their usual experience over the bank holiday weekend, with a maximum of 120 hours of Double XP available starting from Saturday August 25.

The 48-hour experience-a-thon can also be extended by liking a certain photo on Facebook. Every 5000 likes adds 12 hours to the Double XP period, for a maximum of 72 additional hours.

That's enough XP to probably get loads of levels and items, making it even easier to dominate the influx of new players that will arrives when the Battlefield 3 Premium Edition launches in September.

The Double XP period start times on August 25 across multiple time zones.:

  • Los Angeles 00:01:00
  • Stockholm 09:01:00
  • Paris 09:01:00
  • New York 03:01:00
  • Tokyo 16:01:00