Battlefield 1 beta attracts 13.2m players

Battlefield 1 beta attracts 13.2m players
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13.2 million people played last week’s Battlefield 1 beta, EA has revealed. That’s more than Destiny and The Division’s combined.

In comparison, Destiny’s beta attracted 4.6m players, Overwatch hit 9.7m and The Division reached 6.4m. Star Wars Battlefront’s attracted 9.5m, although Battleborn came in at just over 2m.

It’s worth pointing out, of course, that all of those betas took place earlier in the current-gen consoles’ lifecycles, meaning there would have been fewer people able to play them. But nevertheless, it’s an impressive achievement for DICE’s new shooter, which EA expects to sell just under 15 million units of in its first year.

There are other stats, too: 30% of the total playtime was spent in the Assault class, although only 10% was spent playing as the Medic (despite it having the secret best gun); 13 million kills were racked up by the armoured train; and 62.2 million kills were made on horseback. I have to admit, I thought the horse was a little OP myself.

Battlefield 1 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 21, although Access subscribers will be able to jump in on EA Access and Origin Access from October 13.