Scheduled for release in February alongside the standard edition, this Collector's Edition will come packed to the brim with both in-game and exclusive behind the scenes content. Those who stump up the extra cash for Collector's Edition will be treated to the addition of an all-new fire-breathing dragon on the battlefield, something which only owners of the Collector's Edition will be able to control.

Units made in the 'create-a-hero' mode will feature a special graphic treatment to identify you as a Collector's Edition gamer when playing online, and you will also have exclusive access to maps of signature locations from Lord of the Rings films, including Weathertop and Argonath.

Bundled with the game is a bonus DVD full of content all mastered in HD for optimal viewing. On the DVD you can access a feature on the making of the game, the entire musical score, in-game cinematics, trailers, and a collection of artwork created for the game, including hundreds of cinematic paintings and concept work. The package will also include a two-sided 11x17 colour high resolution map of the game world, one side listing all the campaign locations for the 'Good' and the other side all the campaigns for the 'Evil'.

"We believe we've created something very special with The Lord of the Rings, The Battle for Middle-earth II, and our team felt passionate about making a Collector's Edition that is truly special for the fans," said Mike Verdu, Executive Producer at EA Los Angeles. "The exclusive content including the behind-the-scenes footage, amazing concept art, cinematic paintings and sequences, the extensive soundtrack, and access to the unique dragon unit adds new dimension to the gaming experience."