Bad Company 2 PS3 fix coming -
Wesley Yin-Poole by on Mar 9, 2010

Bad Company 2 PS3 fix coming

An update to the PS3 version of hugely popular first-person shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is expected to hit European gamers “early this week”, developer DICE has promised.

The update will allow European players to access the in-game store and their VIP content.

According to an update on the Battlefield blog, the access to the in-game store will start things off by giving VIP members access to the Rush map Nelson Bay, and the Conquest map Laguna Alta.

Bad Company 2 has suffered server problems across all platforms since its release last week.

Yesterday DICE revealed Bad Company 2 saw 400 per cent higher peak traffic over the weekend than any other Battlefield game.

DICE said: “While the Xbox 360 and PC aren’t getting a client update today [yesterday] we will of course be watching them at DICE and EA, making sure the servers keep running and let you game as much Battlefield time as possible.

“We have been discussing a few issues on the official forums and provided some temporary solutions for PC gamers’ problems while we work on a more permanent solution for them at DICE.

“You can find the discussions about PB INIT errors and faster browsing tips at:”

To find out why DICE’s latest shooter is worth soldiering through server issued, head over to our Battlefield Bad Company 2 review.


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