Developed by Japan-based Cavia, Bullet Witch is a destruction laden third-person action title set on a bleak planet earth in the year 2013. The human race is on the eve of extinction, and with an army of hideous demons causing widespread destruction it's up to Alicia, a witch blessed with magical skills and big gun, to prevent the end of humanity.

"We are very pleased to announce this partnership with AQ Interactive Inc. and look forward to working with them on Bullet Witch and beyond," said Nique Fajors, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Atari, Inc. "To offer an engaging and unique title such as Bullet Witch to kick start our partnership underlines Atari's commitment to bringing interesting and different titles to gamers all over the world."

The game features elements inspired by American horror and Japanese fantasy monsters, and players can cause massive environmental damage and destruction by using magic and devastating weapons. Atari will support the game post-release with downloadable content, such as character costumes and extra levels.

No release date has been set.