Assassin's Creed 3 Title Update 5 (Patch 1.03) has is now available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, Ubisoft has announced.

"We've just launched another patch for Assassin's Creed III which repairs a few remaining single-player issues, many known multiplayer issues and prepares the game data for the release of our first single-player DLC: The Tyranny of King Washington," wrote Ubisoft.

Patch notes:

Single Player


- Fixed a potential crash in mission "Bridewell Prison" when trying to skip cinematic with Mason.


- Fixed a bug preventing the creation of new Uplay accounts

- Removed the ability to hide pivots during pass-throughs and cinematics


- Added support for "Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy"

- Fixed potential game data corruption when a DLC download ends while the player is in-game.



- In Wolfpack, a target doesn't remain stuck on the ground if the player hosting the game leaves while another player is joining at the same time.

- In Wolfpack, some targets that were not visible to players under certain conditions can now be seen correctly.

- In Wolfpack, the radar is not broken under certain conditions anymore.

- In Artifact Assault, Team members can now correctly score when the initial artifact carrier gets killed under certain conditions.

- In Deathmatch, players no longer have lookalikes NPCs unless they use abilities that create lookalikes.

- In Deathmatch, the game no longer crashes in the New York brewery map for a player who used a Decoy while hiding in a group.

- Some players are no longer stuck in rematch after completing a Simple Deathmatch session on the Saint Pierre map.


- Some ladder issues when players left a session during the first minute have been corrected.

- Ladders now update properly upon a full group kick.


- The Independent's hair when she wears the Wild Cat costume now displays correctly.

- The Strong Man's white costume, alternative costume and warrior costume now display properly when hiding in a group.


- On Xbox 360, the Uplay icon and unlock conditions for unlockables redeemed via Uplay have been restored.

- Loyalty unlocks are now available on PC.


- Character customization is no longer reset under certain conditions.

- The Wipe ability now correctly works from a distance.

- The timer now properly starts and players can interact with each other prior to the host getting into the session.

- Sound will properly keep playing when trying to watch a video under certain conditions.

- An error message now displays when players attempt to watch DLC videos without having the DLC installed.

- Chasebreakers in the Animus Core map now correctly reopen for team mates.

- Players are no longer stuck on leaving game session screen under certain circumstances.

- When you create a group in a private game, that group now stays the same through different sessions.