From the development team behind acclaimed PC military simulation Operation Flashpoint comes ArmA: Armed Assault, a new combat simulation for the PC.

ArmA: Assault will offer players incredible realism, dense tactics and intense strategy across a variety of game modes including online multiplayer, and is said to offer something for all types of FPS players.

The UK release will feature exclusive weapons, such as the the Russian rifle AKS74PSO and the giant US-designed M107; new vehicles including motorbikes and aircraft; and an all-new mission called 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'.

"We are really pleased to be able to enhance the ArmA experience with this excellent exclusive content for the game's February launch," said Marek Spanel, Project Lead at BIS. "Offering such exciting new features before the game has even launched is Bohemia's way of showing our appreciation of the dedicated ArmA fan community and to reward gamers' patience as the game readies for release."

ArmA: Armed Assault, published by 505 Games, is scheduled for release for PC on February 16.