Nintendo has announced the May 9 European release date for Apollo Justice Ace Attorney, the successor to the popular Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series.

Players assume the role of Apollo Justice, and with the help of 15-year old magician Trucy must search for evidence and win court battles against genius prosecutor and part-time rockstar, Klavier Gavin.

As with the Phoenix Wright titles the game is split into two styles of gameplay. The first will see players gathering evidence, which will include dusting for fingerprints and taking casts of footprints. This section of the game will also require Apollo to interview key witnesses to gain important info on the nature of the crime.

With the evidence gathered the action then switches to the courtroom and Apollo will have to skilfully argue in defence of his client. Here players can shout into the DS microphone to halt proceedings with cries of "objection!" and "hold it!".

A new feature in Apollo Justice is Apollo's ability to perceive habits, enabling him to focus on subconscious twitches witnesses make. When a twitch is spotted the player can home in on the character using the touch screen to search for the nervous habit. If successfully located this can be exploited to expose the lies in the witness's testimony.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney is scheduled for release across Europe only on Nintendo DS on May 9.