If you're excited about Realtime Worlds' ambitious multiplayer 'cops and robbers' title APB then you now have the opportunity to sign up to the Beta Program.

Realtime Worlds explains: "We'll be selecting beta testers who complete the application process and meet our criteria. Selected testers will receive an invitation by email along with details of how to download the game and take part. If you don't hear back from us in the next few months, don't despair, we'll be selecting more people right through to launch and we will need bigger numbers of testers as time goes on. Even if you're not selected for the start of the program you may get an invitation later."

You'll find the Beta Program sign up form over on APB.com.

A FAQ on the same website has also confirmed that when the game launches in spring 2010 players will not be required to pay a monthly subscription - good news for gamers not keen on parting with a monthly fee.