Anthem’s Season of Skulls heralds the end of the Cataclysm

Anthem’s Season of Skulls heralds the end of the Cataclysm
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Anthem has kicked off a spooky seasonal event with new challenges giving rise to new rewards and new faction-themed Anomalies (via games radar). 

BioWare is definitely '100% committed' to Anthem and has defended it through thick and thin. We thought it should have gone ‘back in the oven for another six months or so’ due to its myriad of technical problems, grindy mechanics, and dissatisfying endgame. Departures beset the Anthem team as it lost two lead producers, an executive producer, and its lead director. BioWare is doing its best to deliver the game that its players expected by scrapping its post-launch content to fix the game’s ‘core issues’.

Players won’t be left twiddling their thumbs, however. The new Season of Skulls is Anthem’s Halloween event and is structured similarly to the Cataclysm. Starting today, selecting the Season of Skulls option in the game modes menu will open up arenas brimming with beasties. Conquering these arenas will award Halloween-themed rewards, though it will surely be a challenge. 

In addition, the freeplay mode of Anthem is now appropriately festive. A spine-chilling fog has shrouded the world and new spooky Anomalies have wormed out of the woodwork. These events are faction-themed: Arcanists, Freelancers, and Sentinels have their own challenges to face. ‘Brutal Scars and terrifying Ghostly Spiders’ will await players brave enough to best them, and emerging victorious in three of these events in one freeplay session will trigger a boss battle. 

Players will not only receive a participation trophy for getting stuck in, but the seasonal challenges will be quite the money-spinner due to score multipliers. The Crystals earned through these events are the currency for the in-game store, and used to purchase War Chests and items at Herschel’s Hut. Legendary item drop rates from a war chest has been increased by 250 per cent, and a legendary-only War Chest has been added to the Season of Skulls store.

And finally, exploring Fort Tarsis will reveal a scavenger hunt that leaves a trail of breadcrumbs to new data archives on the event and its basis in the lore. The Season of Skulls update also comes with a host of bug fixes and improvements which you can take a gander at here

Anthem is out now for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.