Anthem gets Mass Effect skins to celebrate N7 Day

Anthem gets Mass Effect skins to celebrate N7 Day
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BioWare has added four new Mass Effect-themed skins to Anthem in celebration of N7 Day, a day dedicated to the original trilogy of Mass Effect (via Destructoid). 

N7 Day is plain ol’ November 7 to you and me, and Anthem will be painting the town red, white, and carbon fibre black until November 12. These new skins are priced at 61,000 coins using in-game currency, or players are able to shell out about £8.00 or $10.00 in real cash for them. Each Javelin class has received an alien-inspired remodel so no one will go without this holiday season. 

The Storm class gets a cerulean colour theme to look like an Asari, and even comes with a helmet that mimics the crest of the empathetic aliens. The new Ranger skin has a steely and sturdy exosuit with a tell-tale ring that reminds us of Garrus. Because the Interceptor is the lightest class, it only makes sense that it receives a skin inspired by the Quarians, a delicate but adaptable race in the original Mass Effect trilogy. This one is definitely borrowed from Tali’s wardrobe with its purple and gold theme. Finally, the Colossus skin looks just like a Krogan; the clue is in the name, really. 

I’ve trailed after every Turian we’ve ever been introduced to like a lost puppy, so it’s pretty obvious which of the additions has caught my eye. As well as the four new skins, there is an Andromeda Initiative wrap and a Shepard Shuffle emote available until the N7 celebration ends in Anthem. Recently, EA expressed interest in reviving a few more of its ‘fan favourite’ franchises. With N7 Day very literally upon us, I’d be floored if the publisher announced an original trilogy remaster.

However, BioWare’s Anthem has weathered a storm and the developer is not hanging up its hat (or helmet?) any time soon. For Halloween, Anthem got a Season of Skulls to flesh out its graveyard shift while the team focus on fixing its most pressing problems. The new Mass Effect-themed cosmetics are nice, don’t get me wrong, but players may be left kicking their super-tough Javelin heels once again.

Anthem is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.