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Another piece of Dragon Age 4 concept art revealed by Bioware

Dragon Age 4
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Those cheeky scamps at Bioware have been teasing us with another morsel of the next Dragon Age AKA Dragon Age 4 news, as executive producer Christian Dailey has revealed some more concept art for the upcoming RPG over the weekend.

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Dailey was responding to a prompt from creative director Matthew Goldman, who requested some "tasty concept art" to give fans something to tide them over while they wait for more substantial news. What we got was a very moody atmospheric image of what appears to be a mage in the rainswept streets of what we can probably assume is Minrathous (the biggest city in Dragon Age and Tevinter's capital), thanks to Goldman's subsequent response to the artwork, which we've embedded along with the artwork itself below.

Dragon Age 4 or whatever it ends up being called is still a fair ways out, with EA saying back in October of 2019 it was aiming for 2022 at the earliest. Still, as the teases ramp up, could we see a proper reveal (and a formal title) later this year? We've got our fingers crossed. In the meantime, Bioware's next project will be Mass Effect Legendary Edition on May 14 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.