Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers mystery islands and castaways

Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers mystery islands and castaways
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers mystery tours to tiny islands teeming with life, and players can encourage characters to put down roots upon encountering them (via Nintendo). 

Nook Miles are points that are accrued through activities on the island, like fishing, chatting, or crafting. These are tracked on the Nook Phone, and certain values of Nook Miles equate to Nook Miles Tickets. Players will be able to convert the fruits of their labour into a mystery tour of an unknown island. Upon landing, the player will harvest flowers, materials, and critters that might not be present on their home island. This seems like the best way to find non-native trees, and orchards are money-spinners in the Animal Crossing series. And, the destination of the mystery tour is random, so there’s no way to tread familiar ground.

Moreover, these islands may be visited by other animals. If encountered, players have a chance to chat to them, and Nook Inc. imagines that its mystery tours will be very popular with its patrons. It is even possible for castaways to wash up on the player’s home island. If that happens, it is advised that they stay with the character until they come to after their ordeal. The island is a big place to begin with, and there will be a Rescue Service for residents who want to get home in one piece. With autosaves, it seemed that Mr Resetti would be out of a job in New Horizons, but a sneaky jingle tells us that the curmudgeonly character is flying the helicopter that takes players home.  

As the island evolves, new buildings and features will become available, such as the museum, department store, tailor, and campsites for visitors. When animals come to stay, the player could encourage them to put down roots there and then, and become a resident of the island. Players can choose where their tent goes, and reserve plots for future arrivals. Travelling merchants will come and go, too, and offer items that cannot be found anywhere else. Daisy Mae the piglet is the turnip seller, and C.J. the beaver and Flick the chameleon will direct the Fishing Tourneys and Bug Offs respectively. 

And to conclude, amiibos and amiibo cards are compatible, but not everyone is in the game at the moment. Imaginably, more villagers will arrive in post-launch updates, like Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will launch for the Nintendo Switch on March 20, 2020. Watch the Direct below.