Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes your dream island a reality with huge customisation capabilities

Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes your dream island a reality with huge customisation capabilities
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets players create their dream island with huge customisation capabilities (via Nintendo).

The Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct was held today, and it broadcasted the “Deep Dive into Deserted Island Life” presentation from Nook, Inc. First of all, players will be able to select their island’s layout and shape, and choose whether it is located in the northern or southern hemisphere. This will sync to real time seasons, so it’ll be the beginning of spring in one half when it’s the beginning of autumn in the other half of the world. Seasonal events are back, and these will arrive as free updates. The first update will go live on March 20, and will bring Bunny Day in April.

The presentation offered a deeper look at the crafting feature, too. Tom Nook and co. will hold free DIY workshops so players get to grips with the workbench. Once they learn the DIY recipe, they can choose what to make, and differing recipes have differing materials in differing quantities. These materials are sourced from the island, and the customisation workshop changes the colour and design of the furniture. The items the player makes will be individual and unique to their liking, and a new addition to the Switch Online App increases these options tenfold.

The Nook Link lets players scan QR codes from New Leaf or Happy Home Designer, and bring them into the game. The download makes that particular pattern available for use on clothing and crafted items. In addition, players are able to move from a tent to a house if they’d like to. The Nook, Inc. Resident Services offer this, and the loan has no interest nor deadline, so people may pay it off at their own pace. The house may be extended and remodelled through services supplied by Timmy and Tommy, and surplus furniture is stored away. And, players may multiselect multiple items in one go when dabbling in interior design.

Finally, as players settle into their new island life, the construction consultation counter will open up. Instead of using ladders to scale cliffs and vaults to cross rivers, this service will build stairs and bridges of varying styles. The player is even able to qualify as an island designer, which will let them pave paths with sand, brick, and more. Creation and destruction of land is also possible, to customise their dream island to their vision. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will launch for the Nintendo Switch on March 20, 2020. Watch the Direct below.