Football Manager Handheld 2012 launches for iOS at midnight, but there's no sign of a game for Android.

The Google-powered phones boast a huge installed-based, but Sports Interactive's studio director Miles Jacobson believes the fragmented market - brought about by such a diverse range of devices with different capabilities - makes such a game a much more difficult task than working on iOS.

"Maybe one day," said Jacobson when asked about an Android version. "Android is a difficult one really, as the market is so fragmented, as are the devices."

He added: "Devices with different capabilities is definitely an issue there!"

On the subject of portable versions of Sports Interactive's hit Football Manager series, Jacobson also ruled out an iPad-specific version, stating "there's nothing we'd like to do on iPad that we're not already doing across all formats currently."

As for Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita, find out Jacobson's thoughts in our full Football Manager Handheld 2012 interview.