Amnesia: Rebirth gets a scare-less Adventure Mode, out now

Amnesia: Rebirth gets a scare-less Adventure Mode, out now
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Developer Frictional Games has announced it has released a new update for horror title Amnesia: Rebirth, adding a new 'Adventure Mode' that allows players to enjoy the game "without monsters, darkness and jumpscares."

The new mode is billed by the developers as "a new way to experience the fantastic quest of Tasi Trianon with its captivating narrative, cool environments, unique theme and challenging puzzles, without the anxiety-inducing, and very distressing elements present in the original game." Gone are the encounters with monsters and the sound and visual effects, and the environments are lit up to allow you to explore them. But it's not just taking things away, as the Adventure mode also adds a number of bonus puzzles that the studio says "add up to the experience of a true Lovecraftian mystery adventure novel."

Creative lead Fredrik Olsson explained the reasoning behind the mode in a video, which we've posted below, and also said "The game still has its very serious theme and sometimes unnerving ambiance, but the new mode feels a lot more like an Indiana Jones type of adventure in places where it would otherwise be more of a horror experience." The update is similar to the 'Safe Mode' the studio previously put out for previous horror title SOMA in 2018.

Adventure Mode is live now in the game on PC, and PlayStation 4 owners will also get to try out the new mode when it lands there "in the next few weeks." You can check out what we thought of Amnesia: Rebirth's normal version—scares and all—in our review over here.