Frictional Games, the developer behind atmospheric horror games Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Soma (which was one of this reporter's favourite games of 2015) is working on two new titles. One of them will be horror, but the other is 'going to be focused on just telling a very, very interesting story,' 

This is according to Thomas Grip, one of the founders of Frictional, who was interviewed by Gamereactor at this year's Nordic Game conference.

When asked about Frictional's new projects Grip said, 'I have to be very vague I'm afraid, but we're working on two new projects. One is further ahead than the other.'

'We've already done two games which are about being hunted by monsters. It feels old, we want to try and get away from it or figure out new ways to make it more exciting, or even brand new ways of making it more exciting. We're also trying to stray away a bit from horror games.'

'I think we showed with Soma, we're not just good at scaring, I think many people were affected by the story which was awesome, it was our goal all along and that feels like it's set up for us to put more focus on delivering these sorts of experiences.'

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