UPDATE: Deep Silver has told VideoGamer.com that the issue is related to a consumer being sent the game on the incorrect format. We're still awaiting a response from Amazon.

ORIGINAL STORY: Amazon has removed the Xbox 360 version of Ride To Hell: Retribution from sale following a customer complaint.

Amazon's website explains that the title, which went on sale last Friday, is currently "under review" after a customer contacted the retailer to complain that "the item he or she received was not as described".

"We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible," Amazon says. "In the meantime, you may still find this product available from other sellers on this page."

The PlayStation 3 version isn't currently available to buy from Amazon, either, although its product listing doesn't currently carry the notification.

The PC version is still available.

Amazon's listing describes the game as a "a true lone rider experience" featuring a "unique setting evoking the rock n' roll biker outlaw lifestyle of the 1960s".

The product has received an average customer rating of 1 star, with one customer describing the game as "awful, awful, awful".

"This would have been poor on the PS2 or Xbox 1," says another, "enemies pop in and out, during fight scenes half the punches don't hit. Save your money and poke your eyes out, you will probably have more fun."

The game has been universally panned by the press, too, with a Metacritic score of 22.

"Don't play Ride to Hell: Retribution," reads one review. "Don't think about playing it. Don't think about thinking about playing it. Forget it exists, and continue your life as though it never did."

VideoGamer.com has contacted Deep Silver and Amazon for additional information on the product's removal.

Source: amazon.co.uk