The heavily delayed Gearbox Software shooter, Aliens: Colonial Marines, will finally step out of the darkness in the next few months, SEGA executive vice president of sales and marketing, Alan Pritchard, has told Game Informer.

"Colonial Marines is still on," said Pritchard. "We've been working closely with Gearbox behind the scenes, and we'll be able to tell you a lot about that in the next couple months.

"It won't be November 11 (as previously reported). We haven't announced a date yet. This was kind of a pick-up for us, with Activision acquiring Vivendi and us having the Aliens license. With the state of code available to us with Aliens vs Predator from Rebellion, that kind of forced us and allowed us to slightly alter our Aliens road-map and strategy. It made sense to release that first."

Via AVP Galaxy

There's nothing terribly new here - Gearbox confirmed the game was still in development back at PAX - but it appears solid details will finally begin to emerge through the SEGA PR channel early in 2011.