Alan Wake developer working on CrossfireX single player campaign

Alan Wake developer working on CrossfireX single player campaign
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CrossfireX was announced during Xbox's E3 showcase last night, and whilst some in the West may not be entirely familiar with it, this is a pretty big deal. Crossfire is a free-to-play tactical shooter that launched in 2007, in Asia, and has amassed 650 million players in the time. Well, registered accounts, at least. Either way, it's pretty impressive.

Developer Smilegate Entertainment is bringing the series to the West with Crossfire X, and it'll make its console debut on Xbox One in 2020. While many are wondering whether this is a straight-up sequel or a remake, one thing we do know is that Alan Wake and Control developer Remedy Entertainment is working on the single player.

'We're very proud to be working with Smilegate Entertainment to deliver the single-player campaign for CrossFire X, launching first on Xbox One in 2020,' the developer confirmed on Twitter.

Have a look at the trailer below to see if this is up your street.